Monday, October 28, 2013

Vintage Table Lamps Reborn

One accessory item that is sometimes hard to find is the table lamp.  Whether old or new it is the one piece that I find finishes a room design.  Of course there are other embellishments that are needed in a room design, however adding that one unique item adds charm and warmth through the lamp base design and the lighting itself.
Redesigning a table lamp by using some paint and changing the lamp shade may be all it takes to give an old outdated lamp a new life.  Here are just a few finds that have been redesigned and given a new home to shine.

"I Dream of Jeannie" lamp base with a new burlap texture shade adds new life to a bedroom setting

A new white lamp shade brightens up the vintage base of this blue lamp find.

Antique crystal lamp with added new glass beaded shade
Delicate as this antique crystal lamp is, it provides much light to a small dark kitchen counter top corner or can be used as a desk lamp.

Vintage Murano Glass lamp base with new black lamp shade.
This Murano glass lamp is perfect for the vintage style living room or bedroom.  An added new black lamp shade freshens up the look.

Discarded lamps that some consider to be throwaways are treasures to others.  With a creative eye, these pieces can be touched up with some paint on the base if needed and if the right size, shape and color shade can be added to the lamp it is well worth the picking.

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