Saturday, August 11, 2012

Project Inspiring Props

Wooden Beam inspires kitchen cabinet color
 Simple props we see everyday in our home can inspire creativity and motivation.  Also in our daily travels there are items we see beautiful and out of the ordinary that can also spark our creative juices within our interior spaces.

Here are a few inspiring props that I've been working with.

This hand-sewn silk screen inspires wall, furniture and lighting color of blues, greens and black tones to be used in a large natural lighted space. Spiced up with some shades of teal and tangerine will add that needed pop of color.

Elvis and Nancy inspire a dining area with the theme prints from Elvis Presley's movies.  A very nostalgic way to go.  This poster allows reds, blacks, golds, and soft blues to be introduced in the the room.  Going down this road will spark dinner conversation and old time memories based on the theme created.

This balloon light hanging in the New Museum in New York was inspiration for a children's play room.  The primary colors here make for an easy game plan and color scheme. Creating a fun and stimulating playroom for children using reds, blues black and yellows will make their room "the place to be"!

Finding decorating inspiration is always fun.  I find that once you've chosen the piece that inspires you the most, the creativity that runs through your mind doesn't stop until your project is complete.

If you've found some design inspiration share with.....I'd love to hear what inspires you!

Happy Decorating!