Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Foliage in New Hampshire's Lake Winnipesaukee Region

A last minute road trip to the lakes region this past weekend lead me on a back road excursion taking the path less traveled and not the usual highway route.  I was on a mission to test my Sherwin Williams ColorSnap app again.  Trying to find the  most beautiful turned leaf tree that I could full of vibrancy and saturation before Mother Nature's harsh change of  season takes it all away.  What I found was most trees had already tuned a deeper shade. Had I missed my opportunity to stop and smell the roses this season?  Here is what I was fortunate enough to find.

In some areas such as Alton Bay, Roycroft Bronze Green SW1668 was now prominent in  landscapes sitting on open water as was SW1755 Brevity Brown, SW3041 Palm Leaf and Eminent Bronze SW2098.

In more secluded back roads of Alton I found that vibrancy was more spectacular. Adventure Orange SW6655, Roycroft Copper Red SW2839 and Saguaro SW6419 were paint choices Sherwin Williams ColorSnap suggested from the photo I had taken above.

Taking off the beaten path roadways to get my fall color fix had proven to be a successful journey. Taking some time to enjoy color on my on personal time was my mission.  I hope you enjoy some of my captured moments of the last days of fall 2014.

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