Thursday, October 10, 2013

DIY Salvage Window Coffee Table

With our first DIY make your own coffee table out of an old salvage window class taking place last night brought a few minor glitches.  As the students arrived they were very excited to make a piece of furniture from an old window.  As the class got underway, the hands-on level got a bit intense.

The use of manual hand tools and fasteners was getting a bit tricky for some and for others, they couldn't wait to get their hands on the power drill.

Preparing for the class took a bit more time than actually assembly the table.  Searching for the appropriate old windows was a task in itself.  Looking for the best salvageable window from days gone by took many trips up the coast and inland to central New Hampshire.  Also seeking out the correct hardware to make this DIY creation stand on four legs was also a task.  Thanks to Jamie my mechanical guru, behind the scene, always guiding the way, and best fan ever, the final product was a success.

Glitches that popped up during the class:

  • Make sure your old window doesn't just look pretty from the outside.  Examine the window to make sure there is no rotten wood in the interior of the wooden frame caused by water seepage over time.
  • Examine the caulking around the glass panes.  It might look fine to the eye, however the pressure from using the hammer to nail in fasteners may jolt and loosen the panes old caulking.

All in all the class was a huge success and a lot of fun DIY fun was had by all.

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