Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Beauty of the Iron Bed

Why is the iron bed so intriguing?  Is it the charm, the romance, the uniqueness of the true old iron beds of days gone by?  Some advice about the iron bed.  

While out and about and on the hunt for one of these true treasures, don't disregard the bed that fits a 3/4 mattress (not a twin but not quite a full size).

The trick to making this size work is to reverse the bed rails so the flat side faces up.  This allows for the full size box-spring to lay flat on the rails and for the iron bed to have a renewed life.  The box spring and mattress will extend a bit on each side of the frame, however very unnoticeable.

Don't disregard the old rusted iron bed frame.  Sand, remove the rust select a paint color to work with your bedding and enjoy!

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