Thursday, July 19, 2012

From Dress to Decor

Shopping for the perfect dress to wear to one of two weddings next month, I thought a soft shade of coral or peach and something very simple would be perfect.  Believe it or not while walking through TJ Maxx I found a multitude of dresses varying in shades of coral.  Most  being brighter than I preferred, I found one in a dusty coral and the style was light and airy. Not believing my eyes I will reveal the dress price of $12.99....yes!

The fit was perfect the price was right so snatched was the dress and on to accessorizing. Looking through my jewelry collection my eyes were immediately drawn to the special antique turquoise slide enclosed in sterling silver and a sterling cuff which had been given to me as a Christmas gift. Looking further, I thought of my spa green sea glass and sterling ring and the perfect turquoise pashmina hanging on my dressing hook.  Fantastic, now footwear. The dainty coral pink strappy sandals embedded with rhinestones and sitting on the shelf of my shoe cabinet for years were just right.  Putting the whole look together, I was ecstatic at the cost of this fabulous looking ensemble.

Once my excitement subsided, I returned to work on my laptop. I turned my head to catch a glimpse of the beautiful sunset available to me from my large loft windows looking out over the back acre of Lowell.  You may be asking, where am I going with all this?

 The ugly turquoise painted house that faces my windows which I have despised from the first day I purchased, and considered mailing suggested paint swatches to their home anonymously,  had been embellished by the sun setting sky and the beautiful corals, peach, oranges and shades of blue/green hovering over the roof line of the house.  I laughed to myself looking at the fashion ensemble I had just put together having the same colors I was viewing in the sunset with the exterior turquoise paint colored home.

I will never look at the ugly turquoise painted house in the same way again. Seeing it in the light of the sunset made me realize all things interior and exterior can be made beautiful through embellishments.  Whether it be shoes and jewels or a kiss from Mother Nature.

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