Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Droopy Hydreangeas

As I was walking on Merrimack Street downtown Lowell this weekend enjoying our nation's largest Folk Festival, I was thrilled and ecstatic that finally a new floral shop had opened within walking distance to my loft.  The Flower Mill stocking fresh cut flowers for purchase (one of my favorite passions) is my new hang out!  Joanne Hall the owner and lead designer at the Flower Mill was so helpful and educated me on keeping my blooms fresh and alive longer than normal.

I was unaware of how to keep these precious summer blooms alive and kicking for up to 2 weeks.  If you've every cut your blooms and notice the next day they are drooping, you might think they are dying. This is not the case at all.  Hot water is the secret!  Joanne had educated me on this little tip.  Cutting the stems under running hot water and placing them also in a vase of hot water helps to keep the stems open popping the blooms back to fullness.  I've found I need to perform this ritual every 2 days and it works like a charm.  All these years of "hydrangea loving" without a clue.

Would love to hear any other tips on keeping your hydrangeas full of life!


  1. After cutting away unwanted leaves cut up the stem end 1-4“. Proceed to cut approx one inch off the stem diagonally under warm water. I usually cut my hydrangeas in the morning.

    1. Great Tip! Thank you for sharing. I'm findng that the cool air from the air condinitiong is also making them droop, my new observation.