Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Decorating Under the Pergola

Summer is finally here and the long awaited weather and sunshine is finally upon us. Now is the time to take advantage of your outdoor living space. A sitting area that is useful and relaxing can be created by decorating the interior perimeter space of your outside pergola or deck area.

Create a comfortable sitting area by using weather-proof fabrics. Rustic wood frame seating for a sofa or love seat with a neutral fabric base and colorful pillows makes for a warm and inviting seating piece.  Add a rustic framed mirror or colorful picture over the sofa.  This can be grounded and hung by cable or chain bolted to the beams and side columns of the pergola.  If a deck space is being used, utilize the back side wall of the house or structure to hang this piece.

On the top center beams or arbor of the pergola, add creative lighting. A large glass lantern to house a wide pillar candle that can also be mounted on a pulley system for easy lowering in order to light the candle is also an easy task.

Create a coffee table for the space by re-purposing pallets.  Two pallets can be used here.  One for the top surface and one for the bottom base will add additional storage shelving.  Add casters found from your local home improvement store for easy mobility.  Stain the pallets to the color of your liking.  


If the space allows add a stone fire pit for those chilly evenings of entertaining and toasting marshmallows.  A portable water feature such as a small fountain or fish pond will add sounds of tranquility to this space.

Accessorizing is the really fun factor of this project.  An abundance of potted plants scattered through the space will add more warmth.  Standing tall candle sticks 4 – 5 feet in height will add more evening lighting and ambiance.

Enjoying this newly created outdoor sanctuary will surely add joy, peace and relaxation to the short summer season.

How do you decorate your outdoor living space?


  1. Great idea for an outdoor coffee table!

  2. Yes! A great way to re-purpose shipping pallets. These can be obtained from local warehouses receiving product shipments and happy to have them taken of their hands.