Thursday, July 26, 2012

Concrete in the Kitchen

While I was sitting at the bar of the Flatbread Company in Portsmouth, NH, I was intrigued by the magnificent concrete counter top glaring back at me. What was so intriguing about this piece was the added embellishments mixed within the finished surface resulting in a beautiful counter top masterpiece.

Concrete is known to be used in more modern designs.  However, the beauty of concrete is creating your own design shape and mold. Concrete can be colored and tinted and is very durable lasting a lifetime.  The word "concrete" would make one think they were getting a cinder block look, gray and unattractive.  This is not the case.

Sea glass and a variation of multicolored stones compiled this concrete concoction creating an interesting counter top surface.  Create your own design with your own collections. Whether it be sea glass, shells, white gray or black stones collected at the beach, these can all be used to create a unique design piece.

Try a smaller project at first.  Possibly a bathroom counter top.  Here's one scenario... find or create an interesting base to showcase the counter top.  The base must be strong and sturdy as well as the floor under it as concrete is very heavy.  A stainless steel frame created from piping, an old Singer sewing machine base would work, just a thought.  Create your concrete counter top from your collections.  How about old keys embedded into the concrete for that nostalgic feel or even your loose change, pennies for instance.  The Natural Handyman gives great instructions on making your own concrete counter top.

Whatever your style, light, white, dark or bold.  A concrete counter top will emminate style and create interesting kitchen conversation!

Share with us any of your concrete design stories and suggestions for added embellishments.

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