Monday, March 25, 2013

WOWing Your Entry and Foyer

First impressions when entering a home can welcome your visitors and guests. There are a few inexpensive solutions to updating your entryway whether it be large or small.  Here are a few issues that will take away from the WOW factor that I notice when I walk into a home for the first time.
  • Lighting
  • Wall Color
  • Area Rugs
  • Stair Runner

Lighting is always an
issue especially if there is no natural light coming from the front door and there are no windows in the space letting in the light. Changing out your entry light to a brighter light that allows down lighting for the smaller entry way will brighten up the space.  The ordinary flush mount ceiling light blocks light from
Change out flush mount lighting
up the space.
Open exposed bulb lighting
Adding a hall table if the space allows with a mirror adds interest and warmth to the foyer entrance. Open lighting and white woodwork will make the space appear brighter and not as dark.
 Another easy change to brighten up the foyer entry would be through the paint color.  If a deep dark saturated color is used in a smaller entry with no natural light, the space will appear smaller and a bit more confined. 

Dark Entry

A lighter wall color will make the space appear bigger and brighter.  White or a shade of, is always a safe way to go. Color can always be added through the use of pictures and artwork in the entry area.

 The finial touch would be through accessories such as a hall table, sconce lighting, florals and pictures.  Colorful pictures and fresh flowers will always make the entry warm and inviting.  Area rugs or runners can be used in a larger space.  However, if the entry foyer is small, removing area rugs and runners will also make the space appear larger.

Don't neglect the entry way of your home, make this first impression space as warm and inviting no matter how small through lighting, color and accessories.

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  1. where can I purchase the round table in the foyer shown in your 1st pic on this page?