Saturday, March 9, 2013

Chenille Loving with Sister G

Recently I've been bombarded with design projects.  All good and loving the consistency.  While designing at my laptop I see a scroll of emails beginning to pop onto my screen.  Hmm, my sister is having a design dilemma.  "Which white bedding should I buy to go with my new sea-grass headboard?"  OK not one email but multiple with multiple bedding links to view.   This has to wait I thought until I was finished with the project at hand..

Scrolling, scrolling and more scrolling the choices were all white and all the same with slight variation in design.  Nothing hitting me until I reached the last link.  OMG (did I just type that), Chenille!  "I love Chenille" was my return reply to Gina.  This set me off so here I go again on a sentimental journey down memory lane.
Matlessee with chenille trim and chenille pillows

The chenille yarn technique was believed to originate in France in the 18th century. Chenille was created and introduced in the 1830's by Alexander Buchanan who was a foreman who worked in a Paisley Scotland fabric mill.  Chenille consists of a pile of different lengths of yarn and twisted together.  This processcreates the softness that we see and feel in chenille bedspreads and robes.  Chenille is primarily made up of cotton and this style of the tufted chenille bedspread became widely popular in the US during the 1920s and 30s,

Chenille used as a slipcover with pillow

I remember the beautiful chenille bedspread my mother had when I was a child.  White with blue, pink, yellow and green florals.  It was so soft and cuddly feeling.  Her spread pattern was just like this chenille bath robe.

Beautiful colors of aqua and deep salmon chenille

Chenille patterns in aqua

Soft chenille morning jacket

 Not only was chenille used in home decor, it was quite popular in fashion.  Bathrobes, outing jackets and capes were a popular trend.

Chenille cape in white and blue sail boats

Creative DIY multi colored chenille Easter eggs

Chenille throw makes a quick chair slipcover

There are so many uses for chenille fabrics.  Accent pillows, slipcovers, and DIY craft projects become fun and stylish when using a fabric that has a history, a fabric from the past.  See what's in your mother's linen closet, I'm sure chenille will shine through!

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  1. Great idea- I love the little ribbon tabs for those little fingers to play with too! Just wondering if there was a reason you cut the chenille larger than the other 2 layers and trimmed it down later?

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