Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Table Setting Thoughts for Thanksgiving

My creative juices are flowing and I can hardly contain myself. A creative table setting during the holidays is always fun.  I like to take my time to create a beautiful table to enjoy for the holidays.

This season, I find myself gravitating towards turkey designed plates.  Does anyone remember the Greenridge Turkey Farm in Nashua, NH?  This use to be where the Barnes and Noble store is now on Daniel Webster Highway.  I never thought I'd be writing a blog about turkey designed plates.  All I remember is how I thought they were so unattractive in my childhood days.  Now, I find myself gravitating to them. The different colors and styles allow for a festive themed dining table.  The plate is the inspiration piece offering direction towards colors used to design your dinner table.  Take a look at these,

 These dishes set on a gold tablecloth would be rich in color and contrast.

This turkey plate is set on a red paisley patterned tablecloth.  The contrast of colors on the plates edge of greens and reds compliment the tablecloth and the green charger plates used as a base for the turkey plates.

These antique turkey designed plates are beautiful. Set on a white background allows for the turkey to stand out enhancing all the multi contrasting colors in the plate.

If you have some turkey plates your using for your Thanksgiving table setting.  We'd love for your to share with us.

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