Monday, November 26, 2012

A Passion for Poufs


Poufs seem to be the latest craze in interior design.  Let's think about it....we're always looking for extra seating in a room.  Guests pop in, families gathering in one space, even in a child's room.  What better way to add accent and color in a space than by adding a pouf.

A substitute for the old hassock that my parents had in the living room  of white vinyl with a red piping trim and red button tufted in the middle.  Although now that I think of it I was probably 2 or 3 years old in the family photo and that hassock looks pretty retro for a today's retro designed room.

Today's poufs are fun and eclectic.

The flame stitch is fun and the pattern is hip.

The crochet will add texture to a room with smooth patterns.

The jute pouf will add texture to a natural space.  This will fit well in a 
 room that is Restoration Hardwared.

The geometric paired with a vertical stripe will fit well into a more modern decorated space.

 The ikat pouf is a popular choice in current decorating fabric styles. This particular pouf is more square in style.

Another popular pattern is the Chevron.  This pattern is more fun
and will fit well in a children's room adding adding seating at the children's play table for friends to socialize.
 Gray is very  much still the color of the day.  Embellished  with neutral jute crochet detail, this pouf is classic and simple in style.

 Poufs are a versatile option for additional seating. Why not take the pouf plunge!

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