Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Decorating RAW

What does decorating RAW mean.  Well to me it means everything and anything including the kitchen sink. My favorite type of decorating style for myself is using raw items.  Which now seems to be the decorating rage.  Reproductions found in Restoration Hardware are nice. However the real deal of searching for that perfect raw item can't compare.

Anything and everything for me means, old lighting, mirrors that are naturally aged, weathered columns mill-work and old farm scales. The re-purposing of onetime functional items such as an old mill table for example. Raw form is just that, not the reproduction kind of decor items. The Brimfield Antique Fair has is a fabulous place to hunt for any raw item.

 Old doorknobs of porcelain and brass can add character and charm to any door in your home.

 Repurposing any of these doors in a home adds interest to a room. Found at Brimfield Fair.

 This window could be used to create a transom on an otherwise plain wall in a room.

 ABC Carpet and Home is the perfect place for raw inspiration as seen in this column.

 The detail on this column has been enhanced with a custom iridescent finish.

This old iron bed inspired a whole shabby chic design style in a bedroom. Found while antiquing in Cape Cod.

 Re-purposing galvanized containers for a tablescape candle display has been used here.

 The walls and mirror here at ABC Carpet and Home are a nice backdrop to this crystal chandelier.

 The texture of this concrete floor was creative. Any artist would know the proper technique used here.

We can't forget the reuse of old marble sinks. Bring us back to a timeless decorating period of  class and beauty.

Old exterior shutters, torn, tattered and distressed naturally that can be repurposed for a divider wall in a loft space.  An old floor to ceiling fireplace mantelpiece with a centered beveled mirror finished with fluted columns and crown molding adds character to a newer space.  A french door with old glass panes and solid glass door knob can also add character to a room.

Reproductions are nice, but the hunt of the find adds a sense of accomplishment to decorating your space.  The raw items found will have more meaning and usually come with a story of times gone by, a history.

What raw items have you found in your antique decorating excursions.  Hunting for the raw is fun!

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