Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Living Shabby Chic Style

My style likes, needs and wants have definitely changed over the last 10 years.  I've gone through many style transformations from my early twenties and owning my first home and decorating it with a country flair to transitioning into a more formal interior style at one point.  As with life changes one becomes wiser with age. Understanding what is really important is understanding that you've come full circle. Once you've tested the waters of life, the feeling of  finally being settled sets in.

I find myself to be living in a more relaxed world a comfortable place.  I find myself living and loving passions that I did when I was 12.  Which leads me down a road of remembrance.

I loved working with my hands as a kid.  Sewing with my grandmother and mother, trying my hand at refinishing an old oak night stand from my grandfather who was a true picker at heart.  Loving anything that says bead-board, farmer's sink, porcelain top kitchen tables and climbing fruit trees in my grandfather's garden.  I realize that all of these memories have brought me back to living Shabby Chic style.

From the way I dress to the way I shop.  The way I look at people who I interact with on a daily basis all creative not only with their crafty hands but also with their mind. Everyone has an important job  they do no matter what it is.  As for their homes, which may not be elaborately decorated, they are happy because they have come full circle and have found peace with who they are, their style.

It's not the stilettos, the expensive dress, the Italian shoes and silk shirts that make a person.  The best part of my job is going into someone's living space and seeing their "stuff".  One comment always made is "please look beyond the mess".  I never see a mess,  I see a person's personality. One's home should reflect their personality.

I hope to think that when a person walks into my home, my space reflects my personality.  Family memories on the entry hall wall, DIY painted chests, old pieces of furniture mixed with comfortable seating, My collection of old framed mirrors painted shabby white.

My lifestyle is definitely shabby chic and realizing this now from a time of when I was 12 enlightens me.  I don't follow the trends in my lifestyle.  Knowing what they are and implementing them in my job is what I do. Living in your interior, knowing your style and surrounding yourself with beautiful memorabilia of old and new will make for a happier you.  What is your style?

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