Monday, February 24, 2014

Creating a Spa-like Stress-free Room

How do you find time for yourself? For the overachievers of the world it’s not very easy.  Whether life in the corporate world, hands-on contracting industry or running in the public eye most all of us have a difficult time learning how to shut it off.  There’s always one more appointment or networking event that calls your name and sometimes saying no is the hardest thing to do.

When you find yourself overwhelmed and going to the gym or taking a yoga class doesn't fit into your schedule, find some time to call your own in your home.  A bedroom with a sitting area for relaxing and reading next to a fireplace would be nice.  A bathroom with a great soaking tub is another space to create a stress-free zone. Learning how to begin your and end your day early may be the key to becoming a more stress-free you.

Your relaxing spa room should begin with a soothing wall color.  Shades of soft blues and pale greens are more calming.  Neutral beiges and dusty color tones are more relaxing.  

Here is a vision for creating a soothing bedroom:

Paint walls and ceiling:  Sherwin Williams SW6765 Spa
Add beige side panels to the windows and an white bedding  to the space.  Fresh flowers of white tulips, soft music and light a candle of lavender scent.  This will surly begin to relax the weary .

Take advantage of your bathroom. My soaking tub I built my bathroom around never sees me.  Until recently I had to find me time and it was there for the taking.   If your not taking advantage of your soaking  tub, you should.  Create an atmosphere of a luxurious spa bath. 

Fill your soaking tub with foaming bubbles of lavender, toss some fresh flower petals into the water and light as many candles as possible and turn on some spa-like tunes and let the stress relieving process begin.

Life gets busy.  Try to stop, smell the roses and enjoy some "me time" even if it's in the comfort of your own home.

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