Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Shabby Chic Bedroom With Vintage Style

I was recently asked to stage a boudoir setting for Pizzuti Wedding Photography.  As anyone who knows me, I was in heaven.  Just saying the words vintage and shabby chic in the same sentence, I was all over it.  I wanted to share how easy it is to create a room of this style all on your own through my photos in  collaboration with Ashley Pizzuti.  It was a fun project and an easy style to recreate.  Here are some ideas for items to add to any shabby chic design.

Turquoise Painted Shutter 

Home Decorating Books

Vintage Hand Mirror 

Crystal Vases for Fresh Flowers

Antique Props

Creating the Masterpiece

Detailed Bevel Mirror Painted White

Antique Crystal Lighting

Vintage Bottle Props

Shabby Chic Bedroom Creation

Prepping to Stage our Bedroom

Fresh Cut Flowers from the Garden

Flea Market Find!

Props - Vintage Hand Bag and Bottles

Dressing Table with Crystal Drawer Pulls

Ashley's Antique Mirror

Antique Vanity Brush & Mirror Set

Tufted Upholstered Comfy Chair

Vintage Suitcases

All of these items were raw finds discovered on  back roads and seacoast picking trips or vintage family heirlooms. Be passionate about your style and let it shine in your design.

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