Thursday, June 12, 2014

What To Do About Father's Day

Lets face it, it's much easier to figure out moms than dads.  What do you do for Father's Day?  Yes, the Mother's Day Picnic was a big smash! How do you top that for dad?  Well my dad loves to have his family all around and he loves to stay at home and appreciate what he has in a family.  Yes, we are doing the Father's Day Cookout at mom and dad's.

Just like the Mother's Day Picnic, dad will have his day in his back yard with the family cookout.  However, the plan will be to build him an outdoor shower where he can refresh after a long day of working in his garden and cutting the grass.  This is an easy project that takes only a garden hose.  Adding hot water is easy with a propane outdoor water heater.  The outdoor shower is not just for the oceanside beach house.  This is my and my siblings personal plan for dad.  In turn, here are some other easy Father's Day gifts and DIY ideas that you can create on your own.

Dad's Cookout Bucket
If dad loves the grill, create a bucket with all his favorite grilling utensils and accessories.  Don't forget to fill it with spicy marinades and rubs for his grilling pleasure.

Photo in a Bottle

Family photo in a bottle. This is a fun DIY project for children as well as adults.  Create a theme oriented bottle.  Beach, golf or fishing.  Capture the moment in a bottle filled with sand, shells, fishing lures or golf tees.  Add a photo that captures dads favorite pastime moment.  He'll treasure this one forever.

Generation Photo
This is one of my favorites.  If you're lucky enough to have four generations around to grace you with their presence or not, create a generational photo.  This gift will be an heirloom creation to be passed on.

I find Father's Day to become harder every year when it comes to gift giving, especially for the dad who needs nothing.  Going back to your roots and giving a gift from the heart is what really matters.  Happy Father's Day to all fathers, dads, step-dads and every man who sincerely plays the part from their heart.

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