Friday, November 22, 2013

Organic Wraps for Gift Giving.

What does organic mean to you? With society pushing the use of all natural, organic, raw and no preservatives in food, papers, coffee cups and even household cleaning products we use every day why not go one step further with giving and organic wrapped gift for the holidays or any time.

Remember he first day of school your assignment was to go home and cover your books.  Instead of buying pretty book covers, my mother always made us use  DeMoulas (now Market Basket) brown paper shopping bags.  Who would have thought that giving a gift of a nice book for the holidays would return back to an organic brown paper recycled bag used as glorified gift wrapping  What a great idea using wonderful natural embellishments to finish the look of the gift.

Giving a gift wrapped in brown paper, recycled and wrapped with hemp can be fun.  especially if finished off with all natural embellishments such as items from the woods.

Brown craft paper and bags can be found at Staples or even your local dollar store.  Or make is simple, use brown paper shopping bags and lunch bags for the smaller size gift.

Here are some simple and inexpensive ways to make your gift giving a special one.

homemade recipe book with handwritten recipes on organic papers

hemp wrapped brown paper gift boxes
simple pine cone and twine embellished gift

for the book club gathering a centerpiece of covered books and table runner of craft paper
the black and white photo says it all

Personalizing and creating a small or larger gift with brown organic or recycled papers can be fun and meaningful. Make the embellishment on the outside of your gift as special as the inside.

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