Monday, June 3, 2013

Breakfast in Bed

With the warmer lazy summer days approaching and the busyness of my everyday life I totally forgot about enjoying the luxury of having breakfast in bed.  While always fun to order room service when staying in a hotel, the enjoyment of receiving a beautiful presentation of morning delicacies on a creatively decorated breakfast tray is something to look forward to.

Here are some creative ways to dress your breakfast tray for that someone special or even just to enjoy yourself.

 The vintage fold out breakfast tray with simple roses a bowl of cereal and newspaper.

Simply color coordinated breakfast tray with legs. Matching the pink chenille bed covering with tulips for contrast and a pink grapefruit to match.

 Lilacs an old fashion milk bottle and purple and white stripped napkins complete this tray with berries of color to match!

Create you own breakfast tray using a picture frame. Choose a wrapping paper, wallpaper or fabric to showcase under the glass.

A simple white with silver design sets the mood with this classy two-tone setting of silver and white.

DIY breakfast tray in chalk board paint.  Create your own Good Morning message!

The pallet breakfast tray.  Another way to add the rustic R.A.W. feel into your dining style.  Keeping your dishware in white, gray and neutral makes for a casual presentation.

The vintage tray in contrast aloe and teal brings us back to the 50s retro style.

Let's not forget the use of the silver serving tray.  Adding color of red toile patterned dishware and red flower adds a bold and nostalgic feel style to this presentation.

The shabby chic breakfast tray.  Simple in white, pinks and off white creates a romantic feel for this tray.

The old shutter breakfast tray creates an all natural feel for the coastal breakfast in bed morning.

 Style is everywhere and creativity is endless even with the little things in life and as simple as breakfast in bed.  No matter how elegant or casual always portray your style in the presentation.

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